DM: Energy Balancer

Energy Balancer

This mandala is a special creation as many of you experience energy overload or sometimes feel some energy stuck in your body or head and manifested as headache and no grounding or anything that works for you. Because of doing too much energy work, you end up putting much energy in your specific chakra or maybe trying to awaken the 3rd eye and end up putting much energy there, and it’s manifested as headache or extreme pain. This mandala will scan all your 7 chakras and your brain and will make the balance it will also align all your chakras and will release that stuck energy or extra energy from the chakras and from the head area and will balance the brain energy, headache related to energy work will just fade away in about 10 to 20 minutes. A great thing to keep you balanced while you do all the energy work.

This mandala will give you the following benefits:

Makes the brain energy balanced result much more focus and creativity, cognitive function, and much more.

Aligns all your chakras

Makes All your chakras balanced

Release stuck energy or extra energy from the chakras and brain

Helps to get rid of energy-related extreme pain or headaches


Can this be used with other fields? Like would keeping it in my pocket while using other fields be beneficial by always keeping energy balanced or better used alone?

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Yes, can use with other fields.


The intense feels of my head is super strong and I don’t know what is the cause due to the many energy stuff I listen to and use this morning… Hope this can help.

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I think it works. I feel it massage my throat :laughing:
And It seems that it keeps activating my pineal body…


Can too much energy be a cause of lack of results?

Are the results of this mandala permanent? After a long time will I gain the ability to naturally manage excess energy?

@Maitreya i have the energy balancer field, do i still need to use this ?

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How am I just finding out about this field? Definitely gotta give this a try sometimes.
My discovery this week was that nervous system fields and subconscious clearing fields actually mitigate/ almost remove my healing crisis. I wonder if this will help. Thanks for all the creations!


I typically use this field when I need high concentration. It provides information on how to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain. It’s different from balancing the energy system.

Balancing the energy system can achieve this effect as well, but BHS is specifically designed for “emergency cases” when you need a boost of mental clarity and focus.

It can be used before meditation, before studying, etc.

Highly recommended for people who lack mental, and physical BALANCE.