DM: Crystals Kingdom

This field is same as other Crystals Kingdom file, but this time is made on mandala as they are more easy to use and can be used everywhere you go.

This field will give you the ability to experience the crystal kingdom and also will allow you when you experience some crystals to get their benefits easily in your energy system.

When you hold some energy in your system for a longer time it will connect you and give you the pure frequency of the crystal you chose.

This is an advanced tool for people who know the powers of crystals and how they can quickly change your life with new high vibrations. You can get from crystals luck, abundance, love attraction, self confidence, discipline, protection from negative energy and basically everything you want.

How to use the field?It can be used in meditation with awareness (better way) or automatic (slower integration).

Additional program: people who love crystals most of the time are addicted to crystal frequency and appreciate them as they can recognize their power and impact in their lives. So we added a command in the field that will clear all accumulated energy in your physical crystals and recharge them with Earth’s energy.


Finally you made it. Was expecting it

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Anyone has experience with this?

Im not really clear about it, is needed the energy of the crystal first and then the mandala replicates it or can say to the mandala directly to get the energy of a crystal we don’t have by hand then that’s it?

you don’t need crystals to use this field, you just need to choose a crystal in your mind and tell it to the mandala, the energy will do everything else.

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@Maitreya, does this mandala contain only the Crystal Kingdom of Gaia, or are we talking crystals from all of creation? Can star-seeds use this to access crystal energies from the planets among the star races they came from?

All crystal forms are included. Just be careful with meteorites or even better don’t use them if you are not 100% sure what you are doing.


Well, my idea was to allow the Field Optimizer to manage which crystals are applied and when. Thank you for clarifying that it’s not just Gaia’s minerals that can be accessed.


Good idea for automatic process.


I know it’s difficult, but it would be cool if you could explain in more detail sometimes, it will allow us to grow a little bit.


What is it that you want explained in more detail?

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maybe for you (or for a few other people), the reason why we have to avoid meteorites is obviously and is apparent.But for some, we are not really sure why we should avoid meteorites if we are not 100% sure, this reason is not always obvious. for everyone.

Maybe it is because the energy is too strong, pu because the energy is of a different nature, or because the energy can be negative, pu because the energy is related to a consciousness or to experiences to avoid, … in short, there can be different reasons, And you can’t always guess it without having a good spiritual banding.


My response to you will be of similar principle as my response in this thread:

Exposure to energies before you are ready for them can be bad. That does not make the energies bad, just bad for you based on where you are right now. In the future, they may be great for you, but for now they are not and that is okay.

The human mind, the ego, sometimes gets in a state where it wants to understand all the pieces so it can decide what to use and what not to use. But, the spirit operates from a place of faith and follows the guidance it receives, trusting in the wisdom of those above knowing they have more information & understanding than we do.

Just like little kids are much better off in life when they trust the wisdom of their parents, we are better off when we trust higher wisdom. That is my belief and it has served me well thus far.

So, I cannot give you a bullet-pointed outline containing all the cosmic energies, their properties, what their purposes & usages are, etc.

But, I can introduce you to those who know that information and you can learn to interact with them (Higher Self, Spirit Family, etc). If that doesn’t sound like something you want to do, then you are best to follow the general use guidelines and stick to the crystal energies of Gaia. All of Gaia’s energies are safe & appropriate for humanity, as humanity is a product of Gaia.

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Meteorites are not good to be used, because most of them have radiation to the human body which can harm it - make it out of balance or even a person can get ill / or crazy (there are reports for that).

That’s not for all meteorites, but most of them.

And more important, as @NotFrank said: there is stuff that some people don’t have to use.
If you are very attracted to some crystal, inner attraction - then it can be good for you,
but most people will use this without their inner compass.

Reading something on the internet with benefits and activate it on themselves without knowing how this will affect them in the future.


Like in homeopathy.
If you take the wrong plant, that it’s not for you,
your body/energy / emotional and mental state will go worse and even you can get the negative symptoms of the plant, which will work for others to heal them.


Thanks a lot for your answers. I understand that not all is good for everyone, but if you don’t know, if you don’t know anything, how do you know what’s good for you, how can you make good decisions on a subject that you know nothing about. this is the reason why I say that it is good to share information so that everyone can one (or more) choices objectively.

Now that you have explained it is easier to understand why it is not always and well and why we should be careful. But if I’m just asked to be careful without telling me what I’m risking, I won’t be able to pay proper attention.

One last point which is very important to me is to be able to give people the possibility of being able to choose what they want.I think that even though things can be dangerous, people have the right to know and choose / decide for themselves, not to remain in the dark under the pretext that it is to protect them (especially when it comes to adults).I think it protects much better when things are well explained.

I know I don’t have to demand an explanation from anyone,I know I don’t have to demand an explanation from anyone , and I may be asking too much when I have already received more than enough, but I must know, because knowledge (the truth) sets me free and sets me free.Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you very much for all the explanations which are very powerful.



As Maitreya briefly explained - you use your intuition. Your ability to rationalize, be objective, and think things through with the human mind will only get you so far in energy work.


Thanks for your sharing.
Of course if we are a medium / clairvoyant we can know and be guided, but again it is because we have access to certain information, But not everyone is a medium and not everyone has a good intuition. Have you ever had a hunch that is wrong or misleading ?!

You know being attracted to something is not always significant that it is true or that it is good, because the human being follows subconscious programs which make him like everything and anything, even things bad for himself, Pornography / masturbation alone can be an example.Without forgetting that we apart from our subconscious which conditions us, we also undergo (directly or indirectly) also external influences from different environments, of different people, and of certain entities.

I do not mean that separating spirituality (the energetic environment) and human intelligence (or technology) is a dualistic thought, in the sense that everything is united (linked, interconnected, …), And that it is to be mistaken to believe that the things are opposite.

What I mainly want to say is that in my opinion, we can link spirituality (energetic environments) with human intelligence (technology),This is what we are aiming for, and it has already started.You even already use this type of tool with intention repeater software which is an energy servant, or with Philip’s manifestation file which the electronics to operate… In short, it is also the idea of ​​radionics and many other technologies that combine human intelligence and subtle energies.

I know very intelligent people who have no spiritual skills, yet also perform very well in their energy work.I think that reasoned with his human intelligence is not a brake (blockage) or an andicape for spiritual development, Because in this case, humanity was lost from the beginning.And finally, even very spiritually evolving aliens must have started with inferior intelligence, but they finally got there (of course after several millennia).

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just to be sure

This Crystal Kingdom Mandala printed and placed on top of

= set it and forget it??

all the benefits of needed crystal in every moment is always affecting us??

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