DM: Conceptual Manifestation Box

If I put Mandalas and subliminals in the digital manifestation box will it work the same or does it have to be picture and text ( or videos?)

thank you for answering.

I know it says for your eyes only, but can I manifest change in others?

My SO is sick and I want to help her.
Can I try to manifest her healthy self?

I would say it’s better to write your final result. This is not field designed for videos or audios. Plus, why complicate things. Write the outcome and field will grasp the concept.

No. It won’t work on other people


Thank you very much for the answer

I would like to ask a “strange” question.
Does the size of box matter?
I decided to use a plastic box (to save its content from my cat), but the distance between its bottom (where pictures are) and its lid with DM is app.15 cm (6 inches), so it is rather high. And I am afraid now that this box is not suitable for my purpose to be a magic box. May be my wishes and DM have to be placed closer to each other?

does this field create desired changes within physical body by creating fields or we have to put the effort towards it?
like for an example, i put pictures of becoming a genius, 200% IQ, full ulitization of brain. Does this field automatically creates a field and provides the imprint of it to my aura for it to start manifesting or we need to put effort like reading memorization puzzles and ect?

@Maitreya @Polaris
if i want something like

“xxxx amount for educational/college fund for my son”

does that mean the field wont also accept that ?

A good workaround is manifesting xxxx amount for yourself, which you can use to fund your son’s tuition.


Size doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

It is manifestation box so it will help you, guide you and direct you towards right solutions, peoples, places but you need to follow that and work on it. You need to take action. You transform yourself, not the field.

“I fully cover any fee of my son’s education.” or “I have all money needed for my son’s education” You can manifest money for yourself to pay your son, but not for your son to pay for them.


I bought the mandala and it’s fun thinking about all the smaller and bigger things that I would like to manifest and searching for the pictures on google, it makes the whole process playful, like a game.

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Nice viewpoint! I’m going hard to choose small things to manifest, what “small” things put you all in the box? If you want to share

This morning i got an Idea, I’m using lately sooo many fields again🤷‍♂️ from Mai, QI and Sapien about 60 fields daily and i plan to figure out what I’m hoping to achieve with every one of them. Some I’m using over a year, but am afraid to drop, in fear of losing the benefits. And there are some, which i believe will always benefit like divine invocation, mind master, In you’re favor…

But back to topic, when i figured out what i want with the fields, i write it down and put the description also in an ai picture generator and put that picture in the box :slight_smile:

@Maitreya does this field reprogram our subconsciousness? Like reality note.

Love for you all!

Gently. Differently. From my experience, it only makes me to believe that this is going to happen. Reality Note brings ideas, inspirations to take right steps.

Nice viewpoint! I’m going hard to choose small things to manifest, what “small” things put you all in the box? If you want to share

Here comes the playful part in the picture, anything you can think of, how about a new laptop, a new chair and so on and so on, browse amazon for ideas, if you need them. What things would be nice too have for you?
Combine them with with “bigger” things like a house and so on. But once again, make it like a game, what would you like to have/experience? And let the field do the work, when you are guided to do something, be aware of the possibilities. Just my humble opinion.

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