DM: Conceptual Manifestation Box

Thanks for your response. What are some examples of songs and symbols to use for manifesting?

So besides using a box I understand I could glue the mandala in a notebook similar as the the reality note too?

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Could i use it to lower my Blood pressure?

I think box is better, but whatever works for you.

What is causing your high blood pressure? If is stress related then I would add some stuff to the box about relaxation. Vacation, spa etc

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But could the Box still work if I have The Book of health in a folder on my iPhone.
Would they cancel each other out, or diminish the results?:pray:

I imagine there is some kind of blockage remover included in this mandala to make it work, but is there any way in which I can actively work to remove any blockages to manifest the contents of my Conceptual Manifestation Box (digital folder in my case)?

Make Manifestation Box in a separate folder; it will be no problem.

I use this all the time for pretty much every energy work DM: Subconscious Connector The more you use it, the easier is to connect with your sub mind, and this is where most of our beliefs are hiding.


I would like to ask one question more, please. Now I am testing the DM.
Does the quality/size of the picture matter? I think that sometimes I shall be able to print out only screenshots of my phone screen.

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@Maitreya in terms of writing text using digital folder method ,
using notepad or microsoft word works ,right??

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@Maitreya another question, when writing can we use general concepts if we dont have anything specific in mind at the moment , like

“an extra business”
" always receiving unexpected amount of money "
" house and lot "
“brand new car”

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It can be small as long as the image is resized correctly.

All works fine. I use Notepad and a separate file for every goal.

It will work, but I would add some details. You might get an extra business that you don’t really like doing, a house in the area that you find ugly, Fiat Multipla - but hey, it’s new. Etc, etc
I am always specific enough.


Thank you :smiley:

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Thank you!

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OKay so I have an idea here. What if I put the reality shifter, Maya Ruler, Reality Note, Atomic Tap and Mind Master, in the conceptial Manifestation Box ,that is AFTER , doing the work with them, into the CMB( Conceptual Manfestation Box!) almost like a time jump manifestation process? What do you think Maitreya? Jus do them ALL separately, or is this first idea OKAY too!???
I dont want to over do it, however Manifestion is what I care about THE MOST, so if combining them gets the result, Im looking for,so be it !!
I plan on getting Mind Master and CMB,both next month,which is soon.
I deeply believe in your creations, your work, maybe I’m just a harder case,than most,ya know???
However I AM determined to ‘get there’ ,if that takes using 7 different combined ways. to have things show up for me in MY LIFE, so be it!
Thank you, with Respect, K-Man.

All these mandalas you have are very powerful. Set your intention for the Reality Shifter to discover the reasons why your manifestation isn’t happening and to clear them. Or directly command to transfer yourself to a reality where you integrate the fields in 1-2 days and have the manifestations you desire at the same speed.


Noooo not the Fiat Multipla… :nauseated_face::joy: