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The use of artificial intelligence is currently a viral topic worldwide. With the release of Chat GPT 4, we decided to launch a field that creates protection against energy influence on the energy system of people who use it. The field prevents changes in beliefs and worldview, removal of foreign emotions, removal of implants, and other energy influences that a person may accept. The field creates protection for the subconscious to not accept foreign beliefs and detach a person and their energy system from the egregore of artificial intelligence, in order to preserve their worldview and sovereignty.


Just bought AI protection DM, and felt an instant calm coming over me.
Is there a benefit of buying tCHAT GPT-4 also?
Has anyone any experience with it?

AI protection should be enough, but if you work with Chat GPT a lot, this will create an extra layer of safety for sure. Those fields will work in synergy. In my opinion, there is never too much protection.

Thanks, I wonder if we could come up with new shield flor Maitreya to make​:100::+1:

@Maitreya Could this work for other Open AI tools such as the new DALL-E technology to create images with AI?
Also what about other providers similar to OpenAI.

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This is made for general AI protection.

CHAT GPT-4 Protection might also help if you already have this.

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