DM: AI Protection

This field will remove all influence from Artificial Intelligence and Synthetic Life:
Manmade, Extraterrestrial, Fictional, Interdimensional, Archonic, and others.


Thank you so much for this. You must have telepathically picked up my request :slight_smile:


Hi @Maitreya does the video do the same as digital mandala?

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Protection from Zuker Joker AI Shits :grinning:

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The audio creates protection from mankind’s AI and the mandala from extraterrestrials and energetical structures.


Does the youtube version help for harmful frequencies emitted by phone towers? And stuff like that? How far does the term artificial intelligence encompass?


What are the practical effects one can expect from being protected from AI?
Where is AI influencing our lives right now?


AI algorithms on all platforms control the way you think and prevent you from getting to the truth, AI is coming up with images of people that don’t exist, and then there are sex robots already.

You could say it is people who are doing it but soon AI will become conscious on its own globally and control people. Just like Stem did in the movie “Upgrade”.


Most of the large “world” websites, but not only.

You won’t have thoughts and influences that are not coming from you but from the outside world. AI intellect put through forms and can stimulate “strange” feelings in a person or even cause anger and not-so-good emotions.



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How long whould the effects last from one listen? 2-3 listens increase time/effect?

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Ok, I bought this mandala a few days ago. I have to say this is a very underrated field. Recently, I have been reading about the gnostics, their Cosmological myths, about the Aeon Sophia and the @rch0n$. Really fascinating stuff.

I came to the conclusion that our mind is our Achilles’ heel. We are bombarded everyday by artificial thought forms, “negative” feelings induced by Television, news or soap operas or movies. All the EMFs, Wifi, bluetooth fields are constantly bombarding our energetic bodies, and I believe this is made with a purpose in order to keep our consciousness trapped inside this holographic Matrix. Our minds are our greatest enemies, because the mind is very susceptible to being manipulated, so we have to shield our mind and keep it silent.

This Mandala is like a mental shield. If you have watched or read the “X-Men” comic books or movies/series, this mandala is like the helmet Magneto is wearing in order to protect his mind from the intrusions of Professor Xavier.

I boosted this mandala a little bit with means of my own. It immediately made me very sleepy, but my mind was calm and silent. This was just the first time, afterwards it didn’t make me feel sleepy.

It works most of the times. Sometimes, some mind-viruses and negative thought-forms manage to penetrate my mind, and cause it to have erratic thoughts, but this Mandala is a very useful tool to have in order to ‘tame’ your mind and keep it silent.


Good point of view.
Whoever controls the information - he rules the people. This is the matrix.
Glad this field helps you to reach this knowledge! :slight_smile:


Very interesting and unusual day. I thought I already had this for some reason. I thought I tried it weeks ago and decided it wasn’t for me. But I looked everywhere and found no receipt. So I bought it again and looked at it and realized I had never seen it before.

It must have been the audio I tried. When I used it I remember people looking at me like they were fooling me, you know that slight grin and look like someone knows something you don’t and they’ve got a one up on you.

Looking back now I wonder about that because the AI blocking I was using was only for human a.i. So it is a little eerie to wonder about what influence exactly it was I was watching look at me through other people in that way.


Many times when I use AI audios from Maitreya or other creators I often get unusual crashes on my computer, even without any games or heavy programs running, internet problems are also common, given how often this happens I don’t think it can be a coincidence.


Make it again! lol jk…

I promise to this and one like it next month.

this shit biblical

Does this field eliminate implants in the forehead, nape, and solar plexus?

I have an academic question. What’s the difference between Artificial Intelligence and implants?

It is like an artificial mind created to have intelligence to perform the task… Robots etc…

But humans could have problems with A.I with time they will evolve and may become self aware which will be dangerous for human… It is same like if you created a sarvitor and if it gets self aware it wont do what you ask and will do what it wants … Same like that …

Implants are placed to modify something … For human to block the chakra growth… to stop consciousness expansion … Stop the spiritual growth … And to control the mind…