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This field is designed to give people the knowledge and skills to work with the new artificial intelligence technology that is entering the world. By using this field, a person gains a greater understanding of the technology and can gain insights into how to best use it for their purposes. They can see from a higher perspective the understanding of the entire technology and how it can be applied in the world through virtues and for the good of themselves and all other people. We recommend using this field with protection, so that the person can prevent energy influences on their system.

With this mandala, you can set an intention that the results of the AI are perfectly aligned with your goal and you get the exact result you wish for using the AI creation. It will put you on the luckiest and best timeline for achieving your desired result. For example, if you wish to create viral posts for your blog or social media you can set the intention that the result and outcome be exactly that. When you set such an intention the Mandala will change both how you direct the AI and how it functions so the output is exactly what you wish for. To do that you direct your attention towards the Mandala and activate it by giving it a command, such as, for example: ‘Activate knowledge about using AI for viral posts in Instagram’. There is no need to deactivate it after that. You can give many specific commands to the field and it will download that knowledge.


Could you explain a bit regarding the need for using protection with this one? Also is this one applicable for

  1. similar engines like Bard, Claude etc
  2. visual engines like Dall-e which can be accessed through Chat gpt
  3. future iterations of this engine within reasonable parameters?

It might work for other AIs, too. This one was designed mostly for Chat GPT, but fields are interactive, so you can work actively with the mandala when using any AI. Your intention is the key.

As for protection, now we have AI modules, even in cars. This is a great opportunity for the dark side to infect people with wrong beliefs and use it as their own tool. You exchange information; this is an energy exchange.
It’s like with a gun: it is not bad when you have it for your protection, but when you murder someone, the credit goes to darkness.

When I didn’t have any protection, I got headaches when working with AI. I felt tired and anxious. It’s good to set boundaries, even energetically.

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Thank you, would the AI protection mandala be enough as protection or is it better to use the specific chat gpt 4 protection?

It will be enough :slight_smile:

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