Maitreya Fields Products Wizard - AI GPT-4

Hey, guys!

We’ve developed a chatbot that is currently being tested by us, and we’ve decided to make it publicly available for anyone who wants to try and test it.

Unfortunately, OpenAI has imposed a restriction that it can only be used by people with a Plus account.

At this stage, it’s trained to know about all the energetically programmed fields that we offer, but it also has the capability to provide information from its own knowledge base, so it can offer additional information that we haven’t programmed into it.

It responds quite well to questions and understands conceptual cases.

This is actually our third attempt at creating a trained bot that is useful for you and doesn’t talk nonsense.

The previous two were complete failures; after 3-4 questions, they started making up stories and telling lies. With the latest version we’ve made, we haven’t noticed anything like that, even though we asked it many questions, some quite complex.

If anyone finds bugs or incorrect and strange information, we would ask them to let us know so we can modify its knowledge and improve it, so it can be of service when our customer support is slow to respond to the answers you’re looking for.


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I forgot to mention that automatic protection is included with this tool, which will then affect over 24 hours. When you enter again, it will activate. Just like the field we have for AI protection.

Can’t get through, it stop at the payment. Nothing happens when I click the buttons?
Instructions would be beneficial

From what I understand from the OpenAI documentation, you need to already have a Plus account to use the custom bots. They have also temporarily stopped accepting new requests due to a very high volume of information processing. I think they will open it again in 1-2 months.

Do you have a Plus account? You can send a screenshot of the error that you are getting.

Yes you’re right it says I am on the waiting list.
Then it’s just the wait, any recommendations for patience?

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While they reopen the program for Plus accounts, the bot will be much more trained and useful haha. That’s one good side, you’ll avoid the bugs.

We have applied to get an account in which we can offer this bot for free to people, but we are still waiting to get a response.