DM: Body Response (Patreon Exclusive)

This mandala is made to answer ‘yes or no’ by muscle contraction or tingling when you ask higher self a question.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:


Thanks for this!
I tested a few times and it worked.


So is this like when using a pendulum and you get a response from the movement except now you don’t need a pendulum?

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Yes, both are divination systems based on using the body’s movements to receive answers. This mandala is meant to make it very simple for you.


Don’t know how you are using bro I tested this many times I just hold this mandala put my thumb over it and in my mind I say my higher self give sensation in this hand for yes for this and for no in other hand,. and I feel that every time.


Maybe I really need to print it out…

Not getting results yet either. I just state my question out loud. Maybe I have to start by addressing my higher self.


works for me i ask to blink my right eye for yes and left for no it starts to blink asked many questions this way and worked every time found some surprising answers :smiley:


you can use a statement as intention before asking questions
something like - I accept the truth and really want to know the answers
or something else like this and then try again :slight_smile:


This works for me every time :heart_eyes: :blush:

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Hey @anon25668711

I am not feeling anything when I ask this mandala questions. I hold it with both hands and ask a yes/no question. But my hands remain as calms as before. I feel zero muscle contractions. I tried many times (also with Maitreya’s intention statement above) but nothing happens :frowning_face:

What exactly are you feeling in your hands?

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do you say give sensation in right hand for yes, and for no in left hand :smiley:

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I did not gave extra instructions, I was just waiting for sensations in the hands to happen automatically. I thought that auto response function is already programmed into the mandala?

Make sure you are enough hydrated.
Try to drink enough water before using it.
You can also put a little bit of sea salt in the water.


Finding this mandala was useful to me, just in terms of getting the info in the description. Ive been having muscle contractions meaning yes/no in my right/left legs for years now, I also interpret it as meaning strengthening/weakening or in alignment/out of alignment for me and others.

Is this a known thing or technique that the higher self sometimes chooses to use? Maybe the reason some are not getting results from this is because the higher self would prefer to communicate in other ways. The muscle contractions started quite organically for me.


This actually could be true. It’s a good idea to discuss that with HS, and agree to signals.