DM: Authority & Prestige Aura

This digital aura embodies admiration, respect, and authority, making it ideal for business contexts and endeavors related to success and building solid relationships with business partners. It can be utilized at any time when it’s crucial for an individual to be taken seriously and to receive the best possible support for their endeavors.

The aura is not suitable for personal relationships, as its energy is specifically tuned to enhance professional interactions, instilling a sense of competence, reliability, and leadership. It encourages others to see the bearer as a figure of significant influence and capability, facilitating trust and mutual respect in business dealings.

Through this aura, the wearer projects a powerful presence that commands attention and respect, making it easier to negotiate, persuade, and establish valuable connections in the business world. It’s a tool for those looking to elevate their professional standing and achieve their goals with the support and recognition of their peers.


This sounds like a good DM to use at a job interview, right?

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I recommend meditating with this mandala before the interview. Set the intention.

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Yes, it can be used for interviews and other similar situations where you need more confidence and to project authority, prestige.

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