how long would it take for a human to develop to point were they don’t need other humans ,also u get development from mediation



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Humans are inherently social creatures. Isolation would be a deviation, not an achievement. Even the monks that isolate from the world and live up on the mountains surround themselves with other monks.

Excessive pain/trauma, however, will push you towards isolation as a means for survival. Don’t try to convince yourself that it is somehow a higher, more holy path. It isn’t. Work to heal the hurts of the past and let them go, and you’ll start to find the company of others enjoyable again.


If you evolve enough, you won’t need relationships anymore. When you naturally progress, you will lose your dependence on other humans and even this world. You will eventually leave everything behind and go to Heaven. It’s a natural byproduct of spiritual evolution.

I have a brother who is totally content in being alone and he doesn’t like socializing. I am somewhat like that, but being alone gets boring. I still somewhat want to be with a female though, but I’m not sure if I should be with one.


Frank i learn a lot from u :pray: :innocent:


decisions decisions who should I put as the solution

I really can’t wait until I don’t care about anything anymore. Caring often leads to pain.

Relationships are just pain caused by attachment. That is how it usually is when you are human.

I want to transcend my humanity so that I won’t have to experience the pain of being human.

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@NIneTailFox19 Lets say the endgoal is to be in a state where it doesn’t matter if you are with people or alone.