Dental Healing – Teeth And Gums

This audio is programmed to restore Teeth And Gums – heal, reduce any inflammatory, decrease plague and change bad bacteria’s structure in mouth. It will help you to heal any problems there as it is filled with a lot of neutral energy and unconditional love from Creator. Can be used as pain relief also. In time gums and teeth will start to grow again. It helps fast to users with parodontitis.


Thank you a lot. Will this help restore my nature color of my teeth? I’ve been smoked cigs for 4 years and i quit recently. I don’t need my teeth to be super white i just hope it return to my nature color.

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I think this field only heals the teeth, does not make teeth white. In a few days teeth whitening field will be reuploaded.

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Is this one on patreon? I can only find aligning teeth audio. Thank you.

Is the Gumroad version updated too?

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Thank you :pray:

Can’t find it on gumroad, give me a link please :pray:

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It’s not on Gumroad anymore

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Would like to see this on gumroad


Be sure to use this if your teeth aren’t in great health. Teeth health directly affects our Nervous System. All teeth have nerves that goes directly to brain where Central Nervous System lies.

Therefore having great teeth improves overall results in fields/subliminals etc.

One of my biggest issues when listening to fields etc is i get unbearable headache and it is because my nerves are damaged from having holes in teeth. I can listen to a teeth field/subliminal forever without having headache and my whole body always feel relaxed.

Also why my throat chakra and third eye( i think) is not fully healed.

You can’t have a Perfect Nervous System without having Perfect Teeth.



Well technically… you don’t have to have perfect teeth. I have had most of my back teeth all pulled out. - you can’t see even when I smile. Not perfect teeth but no pain anymore.

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Please upload to Gumroad.

@Maitreya Does it regrow teeth that have been removed?

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This one will only be on YouTube.

I feel like I can grow back.

Alreday answered. :slight_smile:

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Well. Thank you, if possible, I hope to have a gumroad version. :grinning:

Oh, yes I see :joy:. Thanks

Perhaps this might be of interest to some