Straight Aligned Teeth

This audio is programmed to make your teeth perfectly aligned. We found the best blueprint of perfect teeth and copied that to the field. So when you use it, your skeletal system will take the information from the audio and make the changes.

Listen with speakers 2-3 times a day.




Does this audio help with wisdom teeth?

yes all teeth are taken into account, but note that it is for the alignment of the teeth :grin:


My teeths are already aligned by birth.
Few years ago, my wisdom tooth started growing in out of proportion and kept poking inner cheek skin. Last few days, it been causing inner swelling and pain. I was thinking to visit dentist and get it removed. Listened to this few times, literally this field helping me with wisdom tooth alignment too.

Thank you :innocent:

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Will this help with wisdom teeth?

This is blueprint of perfectly aligned teeth. It will include them all.

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