Brain Chemicals Restoration / Frequency Healing Addictions / OCD / Depression

This audio is programmed to restore all brain chemicals to their natural state. It can help with many conditions like ptsd , depression, obsessive–compulsive disorder addictions to alcohol, tobacco, etc.

This audio is so strong that can help with constant listening even heroic addictions and to people who can’t stop to take some substance!


If we have these already downloaded from Patreon or Gumroad (the “older” versions), we don’t need to re-download them to have the updated version right?

Not sure about patreon but gumroad yes, although I don’t think she has an updated version for those as of yet. She said she would in the future though

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Does it really help in nofap?

Yes it helps

Boosted version:…

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I have been using this for 6 days.I feel more in control of my life,Stress has dramatically reduce,I have more willpower and clarity of mind.Thank you for uploading.

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We thank you for sharing :slight_smile: