Combinatorial problem?

How did you match it? How many mandalas did you use?

I’m using 26 mandalas at the moment and 20 mandalas and a few audios transmitted via time breaker. I combinated wealth fields together and some clearing, booster and protection fields. I don’t know if I’m overloaded, some results come slow, others quick. Sometimes I’m very tired, sometimes full of energy(but im working hard phisically, tiredness couls be due to that). But that’s okay. I’m often satisfied and soon i think i can handle all fields without lack of results. I meditate a lot and, Grounding and detachment is a key i think. The only thing that I’m asking myself can i become really ill, if I’m overloading my system constantly(i don’t know if I’m overloading my system, mostly i feel fine, only some slow results, tiredness and sometimes a heavy tinnitus) who knows… But I’m also a little addicted to fields​:see_no_evil::sweat_smile:i have problems to cut off my amount of fields, altough i know it would bring really faster results if we go one on one so to say. Hope this helps

Ahh im working with fields from sapien and now maitreyas since 3 years and they helped me hard with polytoxikomanie addiction, social phobia, relationship issues self worth, thinking patterns, silence in the head (more or less), releasing of emotions, feeling lighter and more free, forgiveness ans much more :slight_smile: but don’t forget or be cool with that, that life can still be a Rollercoaster sometimes



Did you use an optimizer?

Hey holmes, no i use my fields directly and carry them troughout the day most of the time. Only at night i use only healing chamber, sleep protection and regeneration plus 1 other field. If the time breaker transmits the fields in the night, i don’t know.

I can imagine if it’s your wish to get a guide how to use the fields to get max benefit. I was at the same space, but now I’m experimenting. It’s ok to let go. If i would suggest you fields i would say, use fields for self trust,acceptance and so on. use the forum, study the threads. And without stepping to close to you there is a field on Instagram, i never found it but it cures learned helplessness. Could be worth a look into.
Greetings :slight_smile:

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Isn’t it tiring for you to use so many fields and… Do you also have fields for physical changes?

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If it’s tiring, yes sometimes i feel very tired. Most of the time it’s okay, but I’m not an energybomb :smiley: when I’m home during next winter i used my stack for almost 3 months and want to test it with only a few fields to compare the results.

Physical fields no, i used them here and there but i have other goals for now. And i believe if iam able to hold mentally and emotionally a high vibration, positve outlook my body adapts and heals. I have not the healthiest lifestyle and fucked off my body due to all the drugs, got cancer last year. I really don’t know where to start if it gets to the physical. I only use the nervous system regeneration via the emitter.

It’s possible that i slow down my results with my amount of fields, but if so that’s also okay. Trial and error…

Btw does someone know why my left body side could have problems? Got cancer in the left testie, back pain on the left side and skin problems all on the left side :man_shrugging:

Ohh i forgot something, i use the limit breaker, the Grounding field and another field, don’t know the name. They ground excess or to much energy, so i feel safe and trust that the fields must work for me, even if it takes longer and bit for bit. And i believe they will not be blocked, only probably slowed down @Polaris and every one else, what do you think do i have an thinking error or is that right?


Man, I don’t know, I cant help you, I also having that conflict of how many fields I can use daily, I am also in trial and error, although I still think few fields are the way to go anyway. I hope you can recover from all your ailments friend, I am trying a few fields for physical changes and I just started, I guess I will give it at least a month to see if I notice changes. :person_shrugging:t2:


How much do you use a day? Whether I use digital mandalas or print them out, when I use too many mandalas, I don’t feel tired or tired, I just don’t feel the effect.

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Thank you man! Good succes for you!

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I did a bit of research when someone I love so much got skin cancer, and the spiritual meaning was spot on. I did a short summary of different types, here:

Also, here you can find a holistic explanation of left side, and see how this resonates with you.

Maybe this will help you to choose those fields that will be answers to your body’s signals.


Thank you for your work! I had a traumatizing situation last year, don’t know how fast cancer can evolve… If within a month, then it really could be due to that. Bit that situation is over now and i think I healed from that. Cancer is away btw.
But with this left side thing I will dig deeper.