Can I Use Sound Booster With Maitreya Field's Audios?

I am currently using the Brahmacarya frequency uploaded by Maitreya Fields on Youtube. The problem is that the audio of that video is just too low and this is making the video ineffective. I would like to know if using a sound booster software would make the audio useless or is it possible to use the audio with sound booster? Will sound booster have any effect on video fields and frequencies? I mean would the sound booster damage the fields and frequencies?

I would like to know if @Maitreya can directly answer this question. Thanks!

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All audios uploaded on youtube and stores are Energetically Programmed even 10% volume will work. As the energy directly affect your aura through sound wave coming from the speaker.

So use the audio as you like via phone, laptop, or other speakers it will affect you the same way.


Thank you, sir. I hope you are an expert when it comes to energetically programmed audios. I think I need to use good sound booster because some sound booster distorted the audio. I have just one last question. There is a video uploaded by maitreya that is titled something as “Christ Conciousness”. I would like to know does this something has to do with any religion? Please do answer. Thanks!



This field does the following:

This field is charged to help you to enter the depths of your being, to remember who you are. Your clairvoyant and telepathic abilities, which are your original right, will be activated in time. That multidimensional quantum part of DNA that is still dormant will be activated. That part which contains all the strength and power of your being. This meditation will help you heal your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Fears, mental problems, extra pounds - all this will melt and disappear. You will achieve inner peace, harmony, satisfaction, peace, health and resilience.

Through this audio you will achieve the opening of the third eye, activation of the pineal gland, thymus, thyroid gland and the multidimensional part of DNA.

The most important thing is to awaken the universal love in your heart, surpassing all other goals. You will rise above the level of daily consciousness, in those higher realms where light, love and joy reign.


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@Genius - Okay, so here are some updates. I tried using the booster and it seems that the sound quality of the fields have been affected. It seems that using booster chages the sound and makes it a more static. Do you think that it is still wise to use sound booster? Thanks.

The booster may affect with energy wave I would suggest not to use them.


Have you any thoughts about volume? Whether volume influences the energy?

@Genius - I am only boosting volume by 25 percent and I think it is fine to boost till 25 percent, as this much volume is not distorting the sound.