Brand New Here and have a few questions about usage

So while I am very new to this blog site I am very familair with and utilize digital Mandal’s and related on a daily Basis. I Have in mind to purchase “Release and Heal Gaslighting” “Trauma, Release and Incident Clearing” as well as “Unconditional Love to Baby in the Womb”.
I also plan to purchase “Win Lottery and Attract Money”
What I would like to know ahead of time,is…

  1. would It be taking on too much to run the first two titles for how long? Is it better that I do these two titles seprately ,not open them and having them ‘emitting’ running the clearing and healing at the same time? How long is best. Im pretty sensitive to energies and am defintely an empath. Have been spiritually open since age 3. now in my 60’s.
    Are there guidelines and/or instructions on usage patterns as such for each title?
    While I want to face ‘the stuff’ that needs to help, to detox from energetically,etherically,emotionally,phyiscally and other wise, I damn shure do NOT want to over do it?
    Thank you kindly for taking the time
    Respect. K.
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Welcome to the forum. Easiest response is this - follow your intuition & go by feel.