A Spiritual Journey

Hi everyone. Today I have come to the realisation that I need to focus more on my Emotional & Spiritual Journey first before my Physical Healing.

I believe some of my health issues may possibly be Somatic, and it may be these issues which may also be the root cause to most of my ailments.

Would some kind person/people be able to point me in he right direction for fields which may be able to kick start my journey and I will also start my research now to find out as much information as I can to help me along the way.

I am looking forward to this, I have a constant pressure inside my head which just seems to be building and building through the years and I feel it is a ball of negativity which needs to be released so I can think freely and positively again. Writing this maybe it might be some Entity trying to take over my Soul? I may add in an Exorcism field just in case.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Have a beautifully blessed day to all on the forum :heart::dizzy::v:t3:


Thank you so much for the recommendations @Maitreya I will get on it straight away :heart:


There is really no difference on that except it happens on different dimensions.