The Healing Container / Energetically Programmed Audio

This field has been designed to put you in a healing container of light where a tremendous force and light, akin to a waterfall, will pass through all of your cells, then through all your organs, glands, muscles, tendons, bones, the entire spine, and all other parts of your body. It creates a massive energy frequency that prompts your body to regenerate itself and activate all of its natural healing processes. This involves activating the cells and infusing them with unconditional love and pure energy. This process instructs your body to safely remove all toxins, as well as retained water. The field will stimulate all systems and organs in the body to begin working at their maximum capacity, detoxifying the body and helping it return to its optimal form. Included is a program for improved absorption of trace elements and effortless excretion of residual materials. There’s an energetic cleansing of stuck energies from the physical body and all other bodies. A built-in health frequency is included to remind your body of this state of being. Beliefs associated with poor health are cleared from the subconscious.

Boosted Digital Mandala: DM: The Healing Container - MaitreyaFields


I bought this program earlier today ,right along with The Healing Chamber, HGH humane horme, Raise your Vibration State ,along with 2 Necklaces from THE ETSY STORE online “Miracles” & “Release Anger and Helplessness”
Last week I bought 15 Mandala’s… Including the Very Powerful “Divinity Activation” DM and Many Others. The Healing Container and Healing Chamber I rans them for at least two hours they a very very powerful combination, I had energy overload, so all Energy fields are else where in the house and Im not after an hour or so,much less ’ overloaded", I Love Maitreya’s work and AM really looking forward to getting the two necklace’s,that I order on 7/5/23 today :slight_smile:

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it can effect also animals?