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This field has been created to help you have a natural, innocent, and pure sexual experience. Imagine two people who had never seen pornography or any explicit images relating to physical intimacy don’t have information about sex from their parents, society, spiritual teachings, religion, or any other external influence. In such circumstances, sex is a gift shared between two people who have exchanged sacred vows before the Creator and the Universe as a soul contract of love. With the societal pressure and programming, perverted ideas impressed in us, and traumas that people experience, we may have difficulties becoming aroused by our partner. Pure and innocent intimacy is experienced through soulful love connection. The field will create new physical excitement from our partner’s natural body. Sensations will be increased as if this is the first touch between the two of you. Beliefs related to sex such as shame, guilt, the idea that sex is unclean, etc. will be released and cleared from you.

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2 questions:

  1. Does this work with astral partners too? I’m uh asking for a friend :eyes:

  2. Does the field work only during encounters? Or can it also be used to manifest them?

uhh ohhh :smiley:

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Be extremely cautious with astral partner. The results may be unpredictable, not very desirable and you may not be able to find a real life partner because of such encounter. A friend told me so :wink: :slight_smile:

It is always great to introduce such energy into your field, I think it may help you attract such a partner and have the experiences for sure.

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To clarify, the person exists irl. But our relationship is long-distance so this is the “compromise” so to speak

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Can this be used alongwith Brahmacharya 2.x?

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