Being authentic

What Mandala would be beneficial for become you authentic you?


I would imagine Integrating the higher self and shadow integration would help with that.

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Thank you :pray:

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Consider DM: The Best Version of Yourself


But first of all DM: Integrating the Higher Self, as recommended above


Release all Negative Emotions and Energy + Changing Beliefs
Higher Self Integration
Letting Go

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Become the Best Version of Yourself + Become the Master of Your Life


I would wager 1st on this mandala: DM: Comprehensive Resistance Dissolver 2.0 [it has free Youtube video on the channel] to remove internal resistance.

To be authentic, you need to reach a level where you see the bigger picture and don’t react to the myriad foolishness of the Matrix, especially those directed personally against you by others. I don’t like to talk about the Ego because it’s a very misunderstood concept, but here maybe it’s exactly that:

What stops you from being authentic? The opinions and rules of others? And what will happen if you allow it?

It might hurt the role you play, which from the perspective of the Soul, Higher Self are insignificant.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the following question: People torment themselves so much about various things. And they are sooo big…[in their mind/experience].

Yet, one day when we die, we’ll be remembered for maybe 1-2 more generations, and some even less. Maybe if you’re Tesla, they’ll remember you more, but such geniuses are born every 100-200 years on Earth.

Here, on Earth, there are 4-5 categories of souls, each on a different path. There’s no need to “fit in” with the eyes and perceptions of others because they’re on a different level and won’t understand you anyway. People need to stop wasting their lives and potential for the opinions of others.

I would recommend you to purchase this mandala if you want to advance in this topic: DM: Blueprint of Soul

Focus your attention on the things you want to do and cut off those you don’t want anymore. Among the signs from the soul that a person is on their path and mission is joy, heightened energy, and so on. These are by no means easy tasks, but a person has plenty of energy to accomplish them.


@Maitreya I have bought both, is it ok to combine them.
Or should I start, with only one?

It’s recommended to be combined.


@Maitreya I forgot to ask, should I use any protection/Shield?
I like the In your favor DM

Cosmic Shield is good. It will fit the combination for sure.

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