Become the master of my life

Hey guy’s
I would like to record my jounrney here.

A bit over a month ago, i started my manifesting journey. Learning skills, using the fields i posess, become calm and reach and maintain inner clarity. (this is till now the hardest part)

I wrote pages and pages in my reality note, in the knowing it will help restructure my subconscious and aid in removing blocks. I shifted to a reality, where everything stated is fullfilled. And i moved forward bit for bit.

My main goal is to take the complete responsibility for my life. It’s a hard truth to realize and i can believe that it’s true. Absolutely everything that happens in my life is in my responsibility. It’s really a hard and very overwhelming truth. How people treat me, what i experience, what i do and what i get.

I changed some assumptions about my relationship and i am threatened completely different, altough i didn’t verbally set any boundaries. It’s crazy. Where first were accusations and allegations, there is now a more loving tone, much less conflicts and if it happens there is apology and insight. Slowly but steady, i can be more, who iam and stand my ground.

Also another important goal is to learn manifesting, deep meditation and connecting/communicating/trusting my higher self/god/my soul.
The connecting thing is also hard for me till now, I’m trying that on and off for 4 years now. But i came to the conclusion, as maitreya said somewhere to me, if you become calm, you will know.

So and thanks to d.b 's post in epsilon brainwave thread i found/where drawn to an hypnosis to anchor the toughtfree state and deep relaxation.

Doing this hypnosis since the beginning of the week, and yes have some trouble to maintain that state, but repetition will bring me closer to my goal. This is something new to me. Perseverance.
The only thing im constant in the last years was in using a lot of fields, and yes i got much improvements from them, but also I’m addicted using fields for this/for that. Now I got the power to choose some of them, related to god/higher self connection and some with active commands and manifestation fields.

This week i had my mpu, and it was in parts a very good experience. Only the psychological conversation felt very shitty. But she said, it was a good conversation, we will see. Eventually i have to do an retraining, for getting my license back. We will see.

For now i will train entering and maintain the toughtless state and use in hypnosis/meditation neville Goddards method “isn’t it wonderful” together with the affirmation, that everything stated in the note is already fullfilled, i love it, thank you, im excited. I will see if i can get the feeling of knowing this is true.

I don’t know, if it works this way. I can’t remember everything i wrote in there consciously, but i wrote it down, so my sub will now what i mean.

This is all for now, wish you a great weekend! :slight_smile:


I am sure that you will accomplish all of your goals :slight_smile: Keep us posted.

Journal is a great way to check your improvements. Imagine in a year from now, you read your first post as a completely different person, with that smile of self-contentment.

The road is not always straight, and you might have a bad day, full of doubts. Remember, we are here in good and bad :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Thank you! Yes, i know these days good🙈

I’m in anticipation to read this in a year :smiley: :slight_smile:

Hey guy’s it’s a few months later than initial post :sweat_smile:

So here we go, after some time i lost interest in reading neville and also practice manifestation consciously/ primarily…

I observed that i have a huge momentum when i start with something, but if i don’t see fast results i give up and go for another topic.

I’m working with fields for 5 years now and but i had only half of a year worked on clearings(had a past with 10 years hard polytoxic addiction). So i assume I’m not done with clearing and decided to focus on that.

Painfully dropped all fields im using and that were many, over 50 fields daily for different topics. It’s hard, cause i feel i need them all, it’s a trap…
So for a month I will use only
sbr: no more
Healing the inner child v2

Along with these must have’s😅
Divine invocation
In you’re favor
Brain hemisphere
Quantum booster
Chameleon protection
Fields for conscious use
Reality shifter
Sub connector
Mind master
The finder

A booster stack from QI

I know that are a lot fields yet, but I am thinking about a brain stack, because i believe a healthy brain will support the process of beliefs clearing. And my brain must be fucked up a lot due to past habits. The formed roads in the physical brain have to be cut also to provide change.
So speed up the restructuring will make changes much faster.

What do you think, do you have any suggestions to speed up the brain evolution?

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Nutritional Support field to give yourself the support in terms of missing nutrients
Perseverance (and something with Focus) to have clarity and stay on the path.
Water blessings, food cleanser and charger- cause what we consume changes the body.

Consider cutting sugar from diet.

Grounding and nervous system if your system gets overwhelmed easily.

All the best brother.

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Thank you! Never tought about nutrition fields.

When I didn’t want to take a break, I was forced not to use any fields because I thought I was pregnant. It turned out my HS finally found a way to stop me rofl: I think it’s good to have at least a week of break from fields to at least check what changed. We are often not even aware that we’ve made so much progress.

I feel you might like this one Dopamine Receptor / Pathway Repair

But again, challenge yourself and stop fields for 2-3 days. Then you can feel your own power. Also, it’s easier to decide after a break what do you really need now.


Thanks againand again!! :slight_smile:
You’re right, stopping fields feels like losing all my progress and that something bad or unwanted can happen much more easily. It’s a real challenge for me… When i look at my forepost, i can only scratch my head and think what’s going on man… It didn’t happened till now, that i stopped. Had optimized my playlist on YT and there were still over 25 fields, healing, clearing and regeneration fields. While typing i feel like a mongo :smiley: when i read that for myself again. So i will firstly follow my setup from above and cut of all other fields for this weekend and then i will see.

And there is another thing. I posses many giant fields from maitreya, the only fields one will ever need, when mastered the usage of them, i believe.

I feel deeply my priority should be to master fields like the finder, reality shifter, sub connector, mind master. Insecurity comes to play.

And again another thing i reckognized in the moment. When I’m “in need” of so many fields for everything, could possibly suggest my subconsciousness that nothing is okay in my life?! Sure there is much to change, but also, all in all i can be happy about much in my life. Why am I not?! Having chaos and less clarity in my mind, very jumpy always…

So to the end of my Post, i commit myself to stop this huge load of fields for 3 days minimum. Will be back in 3 days :smiley:

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Ha, I would investigate this thought.

We all have that sometimes, trust me :slight_smile: The only person that you need to impress is the future you. No one else.

Let us know how you feel :slight_smile:

Thank you for your words!

I stopped using soo many fields since friday and I’m fine :slight_smile:
Till now i didn’t felt worse with that. Good for me :sweat_smile:

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