Attraction Bundles question

I absolutely love the content of your Attraction bundles, but I was wondering if this works on a gay man such as myself? or would you consider creating a gay friendlier version for males.

Thank you.


You know it works on the Gays! LOL
I want to say that the fields work with the lens you see through. Like I mentioned the other day about cologne. It smells different on you then it does on me but it is the same cologne.

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You can put that request in the “fields suggestions thread”


I’m confused, cause there is parts that say unisex but not really others so just seeking some clarification. @Maitreya on the attraction bundles.

Should work if you are trying to seduce a gay person and he has attraction towards you…

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Heh! I mentioned something like this, actually, under Fields Suggestions.

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