Do maitreya fields getting more powerful the more you use them?

Im using gg beauty+quantam booster gumroad today and im feeling way more sensations then when i used it yesterday or the day before why? Do the fields get more powerful the more you use them?


The more you use it,the stronger it gets :wink::wink:


How do you know

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Some fields are getting stronger, like Reality Note, Reality Shifter/mental/emotional ones.
Some are not, like hormonal ones, physical changes.


Then why does it feel stronger :thinking:

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there can be many reasons
we updated all fields before like week ago
maybe you become more sensitive,
and many more

“the feelings” on the body are not necessarily related to results
on some fields you can not have any feelings, but still work perfect


You updated al fields?? Oh wow I need to whip out my Maitreya library!!

Mai when will you update bodybuilding field (With testosterone) ??? I just started using it and it disappeared the same day :frowning: