i appreciate the support, but dont tell me that u dont feel something when someone disrespects u and makes fun of u. i took it personally because i had enough. everyone has their limits of how much bs they can tolerate

u guys are just indirectly telling me im not valid lmao. tired of it

@nebula Maitreya kindly asked you to stay on topic, but instead you insist on keeping the drama going, now that is being rude.
This is not about silencing you but keeping the forum organized, it’s just so that people who actually put the time to read these threads can find the knowledge they’re looking for.
If she wanted to silence you, she would rightfully ban you for violating the forum rules.

Nub simply suggested that if you want faster results, these more complex fields might not be in your best interest and perhaps you should focus on others.
Don’t you think you’re overreacting a little bit?

Perhaps you might want to start questioning yourself on why you feel so triggered by someone’s opinion and projecting on everyone else who doesn’t agree with you.


ive been supporting maitreya since like october/november, and i get treated like this because people dont want to solve the issue and instead throw it under the carpet

how come nobody is moving the converstation to a topic u like then? why is the staff deleting my comments instead of moving them? i stil havent gotten an answer on that. just keeps on deleting

Here you can use your voice in the right topic. :slight_smile:


thank u, this shouldve happened ages ago. instead of deleting what i said and only me lol

like i said, people have their limits. u dont constantly poke a bull or lion and expect it not to react.

i brushed off rude replies for like a week now. i had enough of it today. especially now considering how horrendous people are handling this

U don’t think that 14 fields is low enough? I’ll list what I’m gonna be using until the business series is installed.

2 boosters,
Business series,
Three Treasures,
Attraction bundle,
Greek God Beauty,
Beard growth,
Blue eyes,
Bulk agent,
Ultimate god body,

All from maitreya.

When the business series is installed, I wanna use the King, Warrior, and Magician archetypes until they’re installed as well.

I forgot to say that I’m a student as well, the faster I get fields installed, the better for me lol, I’m going back to school in August, when I get back to school I’m gonna use the intelligence field

What mandala is your pfp?

Then i don’t recommend to use these.

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Why not?

Too much information in it, it will prevent you to have fast results. Just use sapiens HGH for workout, it will be enough.

I thought fields have a bunch of information in general lol. So what’s the difference in those fields? Besides those 3 fields are high up on my list lol

If they slow me down so much then how come im still getting results?

How many times i heard people that run 50 60 70 fields claim “i have results”

Well, was just an advice u can keep them running if it works for you.

I run 14 fields now lmao, and when I did play 50+ fields I got full results from one fields in days lmao. I can physically see me getting results on the daily right now. So why would I drop them?

Besides, didn’t u tell me 20-30 fields was good enough? I shortened it down to 14 and now you’re telling me to cut off 3 fields, that are important to me at that lol