Attract Men Instantly - Confident Sex Appeal and Magnetism

We fill this video with the energy of magnetism, confidence, feeling beautiful and sensual. The video is made for permanent results, as we tap into listener’s subconsciousness mind and release bad beliefs like “I am not enough, I am ugly, I don’t deserve this man” etc., and replace them with good ones that will help you to start attracting mans instantly!
Included Energy in video:

  • Clearing Second and Forth Chakra
  • Increasing tremendously your magnetism and self confidence
  • Change subconsciousness beliefs that block you from attracting men
  • Install sensual feelings for women on all levels (some people never experience some feelings and they cannot recognize them. For example if you was the outsider in school and boys never had eyes on you, when you grow up, you don’t have in your memory what is the feeling “to be wanted women”). We fix that!

:heart: Become more confident in yourself
:heart: Feel beautiful inside and out
:heart: Men are going to compliment you more
:heart: Men are going to want your attention
:heart: You are going to attract more men into your life (we included here to attract only guys with monogamy gene so they don’t cheat you) lol. All men who don’t have this gene and love to cheat won’t be attracted to you.


Is this supposed to be silent?

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Is their an updated version on patreon yet? @Maitreya (the last upload was made on Oct,2020)

It’s updated energetically, no need to download other file.

I have the same question, I bought this as well as the attract magnetic sexual bundle (for her), yet found this one for the first 10 mins is completely silent, and suddenly with a middle of a sound tract starting from 11mins…
The reason why I found it strange is because the sound that suddenly popped up at 11min is quite large… Not from a start of audio nor a fade in effect…