Asea Redox 2FL OZ

I would love to see if people have been getting good results from the "Asea Redox 2FL OZ field.
It was suggested to me by a health care practitioner just over a year ago but I never ended up trying it at the time. That lady swore by it that it was life changing but I was maybe a bit apprehensive about it after sitting in on a Zoom call one night. To me it all sounded too much like a Pyramid Scheme type deal which they were doing so it turned me off of it.

Anyway if anyone wants to share their experiences with it then that would be great :smiley:

Have a lovely day :dizzy:

You do realize that everything is a pyramid scheme right?

If you do not know it, Multilevel marketing has created more millionaires than any industry in business.

The ASEA product is legit as are many of the other products you will find in a multi level marketing company. I used it when my step mother was alive and fighting dementia. At one point she actually started walking again after over 6 months. I do not use this field as I don’t feel the need with all of the other tools but can vouch for its validity physically.