Ascension - Pros and Cons

We all here went through some stages of Ascension. Ups and downs, physical symptoms, emotional roller coaster.

  1. What is your biggest success so far?
  2. What was the most significant issue you’ve had so far?
    Share it with us :heart: You might inspire someone or identify with someone.

I shall start with myself :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Freedom from all influences, contracts, karmic bonds. Feels like a lottery jackpot or even better. No money could replace soul development. I have complete control of my own life, but also no more excuses. I help myself in all realities, which is also a big responsibility.

  2. People can’t keep up. My ascension is fast and intense because I work so hard and learn. The price I pay - I’ve lost so many connections along the way. Friends, lovers, family they all had to stay behind. I’ve met a few of my soulmates, but it ended quickly. 95% can’t understand me, and I can be terrifying for “normal” people. It was painful, but it also taught me to let go and accept that not everyone will stay by my side. And it’s OK. I think, I should probably date an alien at this stage :rofl: :wink:
    I would love to read about your experiences.


Can you tell me which fields have you used it would help me alot and also which specific field helped you the most

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Depending on what you want to achieve. Our goals might be different. I focused on my soul a lot, clearing and my DNA repair. Removing vows, contracts, soul restoration. I’ve tried a lot.

You should follow your intuition, check what fields are available, and choose the one you feel attracted to. We all are different and have a different life purpose and missions.


Thank you this really helps me decide which fields to use next

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Don’t forget the Hara line it is the foundation for ascension and spiritual growth.