Archetype: The Witch

Long ago in our ancestral societies, witches were the village healers, sought for their wisdom and natural intuitive abilities. They were part of the revered Feminine, acknowledged for the sacredness in creation, as bearers of life.
They looked to the natural world for answers to help heal the spiritual, psychological and physical problems of the people in their communities. But as the world turned away from our natural reverence and respect for such knowledge and societies moved toward more patriarchal rule, the term witch became synonymous with darkness, evil and harm.

Witches were demonized because of their power and sovereignty, and people began to fear them.

We can probably go into a lot of detail here around the inquisitions conducted by the Church and centuries of harming history, but the most important piece is that witch became a symbol, an archetype that is still used today and still holds a charge for many. As a symbol, it possesses an amazing power — it can be a tool for women to reclaim their power, sovereignty, and agency in their lives.

The Witch as a symbol is a woman (or man) who is not only connected to power, but also to their body, nature and the cycles of our world.
She is aware of both her power to destroy and to create, and understands how to wield this power in herself and her world. When we begin to embody this archetype, not only as a symbol but as ourselves, we can create lives and businesses that are not consuming us with output, but rather feeding us. The result is, we have more to give to others.

Many of us have lost our connection with the magical being inside us — our deep knowing, intuition, and our ability to follow our own natural cycles and relate them to our business and relationships.

She’s the part of you that knows better, that could lead and guide your business decisions and relationships with much greater ease, grace and knowing. She is also the destructress Kali who chops the heads of evil forces and provides moksha or liberation in her wake.

Whatever you call her, this Witch is within you, and when you choose to tap into her majesty and magic, you will find a deep sense of sovereignty and agency. The Witch will enable an approach to life, business, and relationships that comes from a place of solidity and groundedness. Burnout will become a thing of the past; worry and anxiety become manageable, and maybe even non-existent.


Sono un uomo ma ascolto sia Witch che Magician, insieme

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Yes that shouldn’t be a problem. There have always been male witches too. Although in this case the terms shaman or druid were more common.
But for the survival of mankind it is anyway good if men dive a little deeper into the yin aspects of the yang.