Archetype: The Queen

In Myth: Hera, Juno, Frigg, Isis, Parvati, Asherah

As a psychological archetype: In myth, “queen” deities, like Hera, wife of Zeus, protect the sanctity of marriage. As an archetype, the “queen” represents loyalty, female sovereignty, and matrimonial devotion. Regal, stately, and naturally confident, the “queen” woman is motivated by a goddess-given instinct to marry. The “queen” archetype can make a woman feel incomplete without a partner. She doesn’t enjoy her single days nearly as much as her female counterparts. As a leader, “queen” women are capable of taking charge in an office environment and at home. She is often the “Queen B” of her circle of friends. As a companion, “queen” women are attracted to powerful, assertive men, and are capable of demonstrating complete loyalty to their spouse and his personal goals. Like Hera of myth, who was repeatedly humiliated by Zeus’ many extramarital affairs, Hera women are predisposed to feel jealousy and rage towards other women, particularly those who threaten their position socially or romantically. They are likely to overlook their spouses transgressions for the sake of the marriage.

Greatest strengths: Loyalty, leadership
Challenges: Jealousy and vindictiveness


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