Archetype: The Mystic

In Myth: Hestia, Vesta, Ainu Kamuy, Berahynia, Chantico, Gabija

As a psychological archetype: In myth, the Greek Goddess Hestia, is protector of the hearth. She symbolizes the household fire, the central place where the family gathers. As an archetype, the mystic is a deeply introverted woman, focused on her inner-spirtual world, and most concerned with maintaining zen-like inner peace.

While the “huntress” and “wise woman” use their direct energy to focus on external goals, the mystic focuses her energy on inner fulfillment. She values solitude and carries a figurative “hearth” with her, in that she very much feels at home in her skin. Regardless of situation, women who experience a heavy “mystic” influence are capable of detaching themselves from emotional situations and outcomes. She may even appear cool and detached as she focuses her emotions are inward. The mystic is at peace meditating, volunteering, or following a spiritual path. This archetype is prevalent in religious sisterhoods. Under-represented in the female population, the mystic represents the importance of going inward to find meaning, a quality that is often down-played and dishonored in Western Society.

Greatest Strengths: confidence, inner-peace, seductive soulful quality
Challenges: deep introversion, emotional frigidity


It catches my attention, is it Unisex? Thank you!

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In times when the roles of women and men are becoming more and more similar, men can also derive a certain benefit from it, just as women can certainly benefit from the male archetypes. At higher levels, gender no longer plays a role anyway.


Just like that!

From my system of thought I can glimpse that as the eternal and real consciousness that we are, we are based on 2 aspects that mark the basis of our existence and of all life in general.

One is the masculine aspect of consciousness,
And the other is the feminine.

The two always seek to be united and in harmony, in other words, the nature of existence is the union of the two aspects in order to co-create. It has always been so, but this does not boil down to a male and a female, an individual can have masculine feminine aspects, as well as any life form or object.