Are the Maiden/ Queen Archetypes really safe?


So I’m not english, I will probably make a lot of mistakes. Sorry about that and feel free to correct me.
I’m not hating or anything but something isn’t right to me… So if someone would enlight me that would be great. ( Maybe it’s not that complicated and I just read too much into the descriptions )
I know I might be wrong, It’s really just my opinion.

I already sent a dm to the moderators but I don’t know if they will have the time and the strength to answer and I understand ! I hope I wasn’t aggressive in any way. It wasn’t my intention.
I would like to have different opinions on the subject please.

Maybe other women/men are searching for the same answers in the shadows.

So, reading the descriptions of the W-A ( women archetype ) fields, I found weird to add a lot of challenges to them… The M-A ( men archetype ) are just better and way safer in my opinion…They have more good characteristics on them and the only one that really have down sides is the magician but it’s pretty balanced. The lover is pretty balanced too.

I don’t know how the archetype fields really work but my guess is that you will take subconsiously those listed characteristics at some extend. If I listen to the fields will I get those bad sides or will I have to go through those situations described ?
I know someone already asked that but nobody answered yet.

What’s frightening me the most : the maiden and the queen

The maiden : " vulnerable, the archetype presents as a creative, irresponsible, rebellious woman (think pop star Rhianna) who finds herself drawn to risky situations, and even dark, abusive men. "
" “Maidens” become queens only after enduring significant emotional and/or physical loss."

Greatest Strengths: Empathy, creativity
Challenges: Emotional Co-Dependency, diffidence, may be drawn to dangerous relationships

I know that there are diferent phases described here but… Isn’t that dangerous to women that listen to it ?
will there be a chance to be drawn to abusive men and dangerous relationships? Does that mean I will get a horrible life ( "enduring significant emotional and/or physical loss" ) in order to become “mature” ?
I hope not because I don’t understand the point of making something that will turn you life into a living nightmare . And I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been there and I don’t wish for anybody to go through that .

The Queen : " Like Hera of myth, who was repeatedly humiliated by Zeus’ many extramarital affairs, Hera women are predisposed to feel jealousy and rage towards other women, particularly those who threaten their position socially or romantically. They are likely to overlook their spouses transgressions for the sake of the marriage."

Greatest strengths: Loyalty, leadership
Challenges: Jealousy and vindictiveness

That doesn’t look really great either… I feel some “lover” vibe here with the need to be with someone but possessiveness in some way, obsessive jalousy while being okay with unfaithfullness ? that is painful to live with…
If I compare it to the king archetype which has such a great epic description with no challenges (I might be wrong but I didn’t see any ) , I would prefer to listen to the king field ( who is represented as good in personal and professional relationships ) instead of the queen …

I know both have a list of strengths but it still doesn’t feel that appealing with the challenges added honestly.

The only one that feels really safe is the witch ( and the desscription is pretty satisfying ), the mystic in second place .

Overall, I have a bit of mixed feeling about these women archetypes. But I still want to thank the creator(s) of those fields who still took the time and effort to do them.

I also think it’s safe for women to listen to the king field ( even the magician ) because there is no mention of masculine energy properly speaking like in the Warrior field. I also think it’s safe for men to listen to the mystic archetype. Those archetypes seem to be genderless. I feel more connected to the magician myself.

thank you !


You can search for more information and when you know the strengths/weaknesses to choose what to get from it. All archetypes have a shadow side. Imagine it like a ladder. For archetype KING the shadow side is a person who is fearing everything, but when you have integrated those shadows you climb to the ladder and get the strong effects of the archetype.

3 Examples of the Maiden Archetype

The maiden archetype can be found everywhere from thousand-year-old epics to video games.

  1. In the fairy tales “Snow White” and “Sleeping Beauty,” the maiden character is the ultimate form of defenseless: They both are asleep until their prince rescues them.
  2. In Greek mythology, one famous story is about the origin of winter. Persephone, the daughter of Greek goddess Demeter, is taken to the underworld by Hades against her will. Her mother comes to rescue her, but since she eats a few pomegranate seeds while waiting to be rescued, she must spend a third of each year in the underworld, during which time Demeter ravages the earth.
  3. In the Sanskrit epic poem Ramayana, the Rama’s wife Sita is kidnapped by the demon king Ravana. Sita insists that Rama himself rescue her, and Rama kills Ravana to do so, overcoming the story’s villain and ending the epic’s central conflict.

The story is related to the Maiden archetype as it is generally interpreted as being representative of the transformation from innocence to experience.

In addition, at the start of the story when Persephone is still a Maidenly child she in fact does not have a name but is simply referred to as Kore, meaning Maiden or Little Girl. It is only after her experience in the Underworld, when she is a married woman with the accompanying status and power, that she is finally given the name Persephone.

Maiden Archetype Characteristics & Traits

  • The archetypal Maiden displays a youthful, effervescent and vital quality.
  • She possesses an uncorrupted, Virginal quality, being pure in both heart and mind and ever innocent.
  • The Maiden is a sensitive, emotional being who is in touch with their feelings.
  • She represents innocent playfulness and fun, possessing a sense of curiosity which she displays through her energetic exploration of the world around her.
  • They display an experimental nature and an adventurous interest in everything they perceive.
  • The Maiden possesses a creativity and an instinctive approach to the world.
  • They enjoy developing their strengths, gaining new knowledge, discovering new things and exploring the possibilities which the world has to offer them.
  • However, Maidens do not enjoy silence or loneliness, preferring the company of other people and being far more at ease in the company of others.
  • Their innocent nature and lack of worldly experience can cause them to be compliant and passive than the more experienced, older woman.
  • She may appear to wait for life to happen to her rather than seeking to actively influence her own fate.
  • Once the woman has established a clearer, independent identity for themselves in the world these less positive qualities which are typical of the Maidenly archetype reduce in prominence.

Thank you very much for replying !
It’s very instructive and I’m sure it will be a good start for others too !

So if I understand, that means if we know the qualities/ weaknesses of each we can consciously choose what to get from the field based on our current life, state and needs. But we still gonna integrate the down sides and we have to be a minimum conscious about them and work with them to minimize their impact.

Those fields seem really experimental ( meaning you have to experiment with them and just see what happens as well as being able to manage the challenges enough to be safe ).

Still, I don’t know the age of the women/men who is listening to them but I suggest to be careful with the maiden if you are young and inexperienced in love / life. ( love life is already pretty hard itself )

For people like me ( trying to heal ), it would be good to feel a bit of youthful innocence in their life.

I’m gonna do some researches for sure !
Thanks again for your understanding and your answer !


Yes I was wondering the same about the archetypes. I think we all know which ones we embody and this helps us accelerate our development