I can't reverse my results with the "Revision" mandala and nothing works

Hello people I lost the hope to update my situation for a while because things seem to be hopeless. After sapien made his videos then removed them he confirmed to me that he didn’t know what he was doing. How could he make a video about hair regenerator and remove them and for what reason. And still the facial hair removal is still there while it didn’t removed the facial hair but another hair…

So then here I’m asking myself why I can’t reverse my phisical results that he has caused along side many others and skeptical about what caused this trauma in my life that I can’t get out of. Thing is: I can’t heal or go back.

While the revision caused me a good mental sensation it seems like I’m affected by magic from a guy on youtube who made shamanic spells, quadible integrity and bad morphic fields and I can’t go back the way my hair was or heal the bald patches those things caused and thick hair follicles on the back.

I’m sorry for such a text but I need to speak these things to ask for proper help: I just need some morphic field that will help me go back to the way I was. And maitreya recommended me to listen to: “Use chromosomes series from YT. Pt 1 and 2.”

And I don’t know if I will stop the aging process or I will heal from my head to my organs. Can someone please answer this question? And if there is just another audio that will help me? Because reversing didn’t work in these years.

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Well I’d recommend following Maitreya’s advice. This might just be a case of bad genetics

You should try mandalas DM Finder and DM Energetic Life Coach.

First can find everything you ask for – lost keys, cause of the problem, core negative belief, any solution.
You can ask to find the morphic field\subliminal, which can heal or improve whatever you want.

Second work more conceptually -it improves every area of your life by helping you find solutions to any problem/issue while also releasing negative beliefs and subconscious blockages causing those problems.

They both work perfectly for me.

Save around $500 and contact me for what DM’s to buy

Its not I assure you based on what I wrote in these years.

Add this to your bundle: Fohat Connection & Fohat Fire / Energetically Programmed Audio - YouTube
It also has a mandala version in the store.

How much time do you use the audio chromosomes series from Pt 1 and 2?

Dude this won’t help me. I’m just trying to regen my body part to how I am before doing energy work and I can’t listen to this.

Try the delete command from the permanent integrator field.