Im not feelin energy sensitive

since two years ago i was using fields with speakers and held to parts of my body so i can feel the cold breeze energy spreadin within but nowadays all this energy sensitivity has been gone, and when i try a field i feel like there’s a shell blocking the fields effects, is there any remedy for this? or maybe tolerance? sometimes i worry somebody might have done some magic to cause this

hey , first… I would say that if you have an inner feeling of something
like magic / implants as you describe. ask your intention always and you can recive the answer imidiatley , just with a short practice

fluoride in the water can also reduce the sensitivty or the abilty to use spritual gifts

if you are mamber in the patreon i would recommend you the 9.9$ dm : remove spiderwebs

few possibilities

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The Nervous System plays a big role in sensing energy (and having a good amount of life force too)
give the nervous system repair a try

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