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Hi everyone :slight_smile:
Since I’m listening to vibration related fields, I’m going through a crisis… I’m feelimg very confused, helpless and unhappy about my job. But i have really no idea, what i want. I can’t find the time to work this topic, due to long and hard workdays. I know my general conditions i want to work in, but really don’t know what i want to do. So for now i put attract best job and the hara line harmonizer in my Playlist, that will be best option right? I will work in my purpose. Also i have reality shifter and other manifestation tools, but how can i use them, when i don’t know what i want? Do you all have some additional suggestions and tipps how to go on? And how is, was your way find your working purpose, I’m really interested in your experiences! Have a nice week


I would try The Fohat Connection and Fire field. Ask Fohat to guide you to work that has your general conditions.

The Fohat field has become a favourite of mine lately. I’ve used it for guidance in both deeper questions about myself but also just for practical things, like finding the right stuff when shopping and such. Or to get the right timing, meeting the right people at the right time.
Going through a crisis often makes us want to solve the problems right
away, If you can, try look at the confusion and the unhappiness as growing pains or being in labour. A nessecaery transition to get you ready for the next step. In fact I’ve learned to recognize these kinds of feelings as a sign that changes are coming. As a message from my soul to get vibrationally prepared for new things about to enter my life.

Also we are about to peak within The Lions Gate portal ( a good time to set intentions for our deep wishes) you might be picking up that energy from the collective and surrounding energies too)

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Sitting alone with yourself and giving yourself time in which you’re not engaged in anything else but reflecting on yourself and asking various questions that give you clarity. Usually, our mission is associated with great joy and the presence of energy, and all other “job positions” that drain your energy are not for you.

Perhaps you need to understand how the skills you possess could be used to make money in ways that bring you pleasure and have clarity about your goals.

This field might give you more clarity: DM: Blueprint of Soul - MaitreyaFields


Thanks for your answers, i have overcame the crisis… Probably some emotions due to fields. But i know what im working now isn’t the endgoal and i will ask the important questions again and again until i get it :slight_smile:

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I was going through something similar recently working in the office for our family business. I just asked for clarity and sat and listened for a while and eventually gained a vision to open up a Wellness Center in the future and that I should start schooling for it now while still working my current job.