/BOOSTER/ Domino Effect + Gratitude Increaser


Some people will say that the most effective way to get the things you want is to believe you already have them. This is especially common in the Law of Attraction. But it can be difficult to pretend you have the things you want, when you don’t yet have them. This is where this field comes in to help.

With this booster, you will become hyper-vigilant and perceptive to all the results and positive things/results that you have already manifested or acquired. You will start to see all the positive effects and results of your fields, beliefs, thoughts. By increasing your perception of all the positive things you are manifesting, you will then start to attract more of the same - this creates a domino effect of manifestation and getting faster results.

This field will also increase your gratitude for all the things you already have. By noticing all the things you have manifested/acquired, and feeling gratitude for those things, while also having the belief that everything you want is already on its way to you - you will increase the speed and results of all your fields, affirmations, thoughts, and beliefs. (This field has protection from negative thoughts)


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