About Dirty Money

Hello friends,

There is a question that I have been asking for a long time but never gave a valid answer.

According to the principles of manifestation, money is coming due to a right mindset, including gratitude, optimism, love of life, completeness and kindness. In addition, money is the result of serving others.

However, in my own country and many other countries, I see a lot of people who are unjustly rich. They make dirty money, for example human trafficking, corruption, smuggling, lying to customers, poor quality products, etc. Yet they maintained their wealth for a very long time, some of them never got caught and lived the end of their lives fully.

So why do these things happen ?, when it is clear that they are not serving others but also deceiving others.

Thank you very much for your answers!


Money is just energy. It has no restrictions on where it can and can not go. There is no such thing as dirty money. Money is money which is just energy. Manifestation works in all ways and can produce on both sides of the coin. Very simple… Money is just energy.


U mean that if a person have a right mindset and attitude, then they can manifest it even when they are cheating other?


this blown up my mind. Can i ask u more, what is a kind of right mindset and attitude. I know basic things like "feeling abundance, have a plan and stick with it, clear goals, believe,… " , but can u provide me something that have full the mindset and attitude i need?

the sun shines on the rich and the poor, the sun shines its light on the good and the bad (wicked). do you find this unfair ?!maybe, but so is the air everyone breathes and the earth everyone uses.you may tell me that the difference with the elements mentioned above is that everyone has access to it unlike wealth, but I will tell you that it is the same with money, abundance is available to everyone, and everyone chooses to do with it what they want with and in the way they want. in other words, you interact with the outside / outside of you (people, energy, events, nature, etc etc) according to your subconscious programming and and your energetic programming (karmic, planetary, DNA, etc etc).
Everything is available everywhere(I’m talking about good and bad, bad things and good things), in everyone (Good and bad)and in unlimited quantity, (without the notion of good or bad which are only the subjective and dualistic perception of man), i there are just experiences.Don’t make it personal, choose the experiences you want to have and work there.

PS: My words are confused so that through this confusion, you find your way back. A bit like reasoning through the absurd.

PPS: If the sun is shining on the bad guys and the good guys, why can’t the money.To have a lot of money you need some subconscious and energetic programming, if you have that (and without the blockages related to money, which will be contradictory), regardless of who you are and what you do, you will have a lot of money.


Manifesting has no moral.
It’s up to one how to decide what we want to manifest.


There is no good and bad, but there is law for cause and effect.

You see their life now and you think they live good (which can be or not - they suffer from other stuff), but if you see his next life here you can be terrified.

We should have compassion for people who are suffering, but this is not always good for them /and not always right, because we don’t have the bigger picture/.

For example the kids that are now in Africa and starve. Whole world cries about how wrong it is… And maybe it is /there is no wrong/right btw/. But the soul that is put there right now, do you know what he did in his past life?

Few days ago I heard for one centre with kids without parents how they beat them there and don’t give them food as they should. So, from where you can know that the starving kid now in Africa didn’t beat kids and made them starve in some his past life and now is put in a position where he can experience what he did to others? So he can understand what he made, what he did, what is the lesson. Suffering is always given when a soul don’t want to undestand some lesson very long time. Suffering is also the thing that clears the mind, emotions, the soul.

Universe is our feedback and what we put in, this is what we get.