6 DMs too much?

Hello, im not new too using Digital mandalas, but i would like others opinion on how many to use.

I currently use 6 DMs on my screen on my phone.

What are you guys using, and how many are you using ?

Do you have good results ?

Ive read about the digital mandala manager but ive yet to make up on my mind about buying it.

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Everyone has different capacities, so you need to observe your body.

They would work only if they would be together on the same wallpaper with images not cropped and you keep your phone close to you. Other than that, your aura doesn’t receive fields.

The Mandala Manager will allow you to have mandalas active 24/7 whenever you go, and you don’t need to have your phone with you to make them work.

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I feel them working when my phone is close, ive just made a collage with them.

But im probably gonna get the dm manager.

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