Questions about the DMs

  1. I bought the dms for deep sleep, empath protection, agni balance, and microbiome. Can these all be put on the same page? Or should it be printed on separte pages?
  2. Do all of these dms clash with each other? Should I use these dms one at a time?

Have you read this thread? :slight_smile:

I did. I’ve been reading these threads for like a whole week and I didn’t find the answers I wanted.

Some people make a collage of several mandalas, seems to work fine for them.
Personally, I prefer to print them one by one, so I can put together the perfect blend for the day. (or night). I like to experience the difference between them and how certain mandalas work together.

Are the mandalas you use related to each other or are they different topics? If you print them one by one, do you use each one at different times? Do you stack them on top of each other?

I use many mandalas, some are related some are on totally different topics.
Some I wear 24/7 like Subc. Connector and K2 Crystal.

For the day I pick and choose each day. Could be some physical ones, The Finder, Mystery Box… I Know You is a favorite.

Yes, I just stack dem together.

You’ll notice when/ if you need a pause from a field or if you don’t need it anymore. You won’t feel drawn to it or just forget to wear it.

Don’t overthink. Experiment! :wink:

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Oh, that’s cool. But if you don’t need it anymore, wouldn’t the effect go away once you stop using the dm?

Do you keep them in your pocket? Like I know the dms has to be put close by. I’m just thinking that sometimes I wear dresses and there’s no pockets so can I put them in a purse or something? Or when I’m taking a shower or at a beach, I don’t want them to get wet so how do I keep it near me without getting it wet?

If you have only used the DM a little the effect will fade over time, it is necessary to wear it for a couple of months for permanent effects, the range of the mandalas is now 30 centimeters, if the mandala is within that range it will have the effects that seeks.

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So you have to wear the DM over a couple of months to get permanent effects? How do you know if you can let it go and stop wearing it? Do you put these DMs in your pocket?

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Put them in your bra.

Okay, I’ll do that and see how it goes.

So to activate the dms, I just say activate, remember and deactivate?

Most DM:s you don’t have to say anything.
Read description for each DM.

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So for most of them, I don’t have to say anything to activate them?

All mandalas work automatically unless explicitly stated otherwise in their description. So-called ‘Smart Mandala’ work through activation and deactivation, but this is described in their description.

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So for example, for the dm: deep sleep, it doesn’t say anything about activate and deactivate, so that means it works automatically? I just print it out and keep it with me?

Also, can we write on like the top of the dm we print out? I just want to write on it so I can remember which dm is for what purpose. We’re not allowed to write on the dm, right?