Mandala questions

Hello guys,

I have some questions about mandalas.

I know this:
-Range is 30cm
-size of the printed mandala doesnt matter
-quality also not
-colourful is better than black/ white

My questions:
Can I maximize the effect when I use more than 1 printed version?

Also what about digital mandalas?
If I open one mandala pic on the laptop or smartphone, …
does it to be visible all the time?
or can I minimize it and do something other in a other tab and so on?

Probably it will only work as long as the device is on and not off?

Thanks a lot

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Hello Tester,

One print is enough, even if you print 100 pieces, the effect remains the same. The only creator I know where multiple mandalas of the same amplify the effect is Programmed_Intention.
Mandalas do not necessarily have to be visible for them to work. If you carry them in your pocket you won’t see them either. The problem is more the range of 30cm, on the cell phone you can still carry it with you. Well, on the laptop or notebook it becomes more difficult. Whether a cell phone has to be on or off would have to be answered by someone else. :wink:I am a bit more old-fashioned and carry my mandalas printed out, although recently also on the USB stick with field emitter



I have started yesterday with one digital mandala. I opened the mandala file on the laptop and later also at my phone. After opening I did other things at the laptop and it seems to be enough to only open the files. After a few minutes I feeled a difference. I had not to look at it and could do other things at the phone/ laptop.

Are mandalas stronger than audios? It seems like that in my expirience.

Today I have printed it out a few times and I will put at every place where
I spent a lot of them on copy in the next days.

I put already 2 copies in my big bed. Soon I will put one mandala in my phone, in my laptop, my wallet and so on.

So I should get the most of the time the effect of the mandala.

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Yes mandalas are definitely stronger than the audios. Especially since they work 24/7 as long as you carry them with you. You can even shrink it so much as long as the proportions are right and just stick it to the bottom of your watch. Of course, it becomes more difficult when you have several mandalas. Most of them print out the mandalas in credit card format and laminate them. Other options for later would be the Mandala Manager or the Field-Emitter Mandala.


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