What options to stop remote viewing/spying/intuiting my actions?

Are there any specific options to stop someone from remote viewing what I’m doing, or asking a spirit to tell them what I’m doing, or otherwise magickally/energetically spy on me?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


Hey Beltloop,

Remember that sometimes the mind creates things that are not there, feeling them is another thing. If we go to that point, if your subconscious or some conscious part of you says or creates something of that magnitude it will be reflected and you will be put in danger by your own action in creating that manifestation.

Remember that by clearing your being, you are clearing all stages and other lives, clearing things from your family tree to other dimensions.

You are not alone, I hope this helps you.
Don’t forget; it is not seeing to believe, it is believing to see.

Maitreya Fields down below;

1. Divine Protection
2. Etheric Body Restoration
3. Remove Astral Senses
4. Releasing Unconscious Fear


Going to add in the etheric body restoration! Thanks

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The chameleon mandala is what you are looking for, friend.


Awesome, I’ve had the chameleon protection on for quite a while, I was just curious if there were any other alternatives.

I use this one often actually! Its part of my general “restoration” playlist and I play it from time to time as well.

This makes perfect sense and its something my higher self has been telling me as well. Especially with the new audio. Your confirmation is adding a lot to my belief that I can not be remote viewed, or have many protections against it.

Thank you @Cypher