What does this mean?

Ever since I was born I had a strange affect on people especially females. Females would lose control of themselves in my presence. Certain females would yell and scream when I am around them or just act really strange. Some females would lose control of their bodies and start moving like flames of fire. Usually these females were attracted to me, but I only realized that just a few years ago when my father said that females were always extremely attracted to me ever since I was a baby.

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That means you are a harem anime protagonist lol, kidding aside, I believe you must have some power related to attraction, there are powers of all kinds and I wouldn’t be surprised if that also existed.


I already know why I affect people this way. I asked anyway just to see what others think. It’s because I can control people’s souls and probably even take them.

Excuse me do you even know what you are talking about?.. :smiley:

Souls are part of supreme creator nope you can’t sorry… :smiley: