All gumroad and website audios are updated with the new boosted version. You don’t need to download them again, they will work with the new energy in them.

Not all youtube audios will be with updated as videos, but as energy yes. There was problem with the URL’s programs on some, so had to be changed completely.

Few left to be prepared and uploaded to YT. I think in 2-3 days we will handle that.


Thank you so much for your kind work :pray::pray:


Thank you!!


Does this include Patreon?


The French one updated would be great !

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amazing, thank you!!

Just tried one of the Gumroad ones…

There’s a cleaner feel to the energy now. Good work @Maitreya and Thank you.


It’s like there’s an instant integration of sorts. Similar to how a morphic field works but it’s programmed energy instead.

Edit 2:

I hit a point where the energy vibration of the field is resonating in the middle of my chest. Listened to the field 3x and released all the resistance I found. I see fluttering of the energy in my minds eye and I feel it in the middle of the my chest at the same time. If I get obvious results today, this will be crazy.

Quick tip:

Listening with Sub Con Clearing, Inner Resistance remover, Fearlessness, and Master Strategist Mandalas seems to help a lot with the changes.