Twin Flames - Truth or Manipulation

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Twin Flames theory is controversial itself. It’s in the collective consciousness, so it is so easy to get hooked. What if Twin Flame is Matrix?
For some people, this can be uplifting and inspiring. Other people suffer and almost lose their minds chasing that ultimate love or desperately moving on. Here are two sides of the coin: the traditional view and the opposite.

The Enigmatic Journey of Twin Flames: A Dance of Souls

In the intricate tapestry of spiritual concepts, few fascinate and bewilder like the notion of Twin Flames. Unlike soulmates, who are numerous and come in various forms—friends, mentors, family—your Twin Flame is considered to be a unique ‘other half’ of your soul. This isn’t a mere romantic fancy; it’s a profound spiritual journey to catalyse individual growth and transformation.

What is a Twin Flame?

The term ‘Twin Flame’ stems from the idea that the soul divides into masculine and feminine energies on its journey to perfection. These separate but complementary halves go on to incarnate, seeking unity either within themselves or externally. Your Twin Flame is a divine mirror, reflecting both your light and shadows. This is the ultimate ‘know thyself’ journey, and it is not for the faint of heart.

The Phases of Twin Flame Connection

Stage One: Recognition

The first meeting with your Twin Flame will likely be unlike any other. There’s an instant magnetic pull, a sense of ‘home’ that defies logic. While it may not be love at first sight, the soul recognition is immediate.

Stage Two: Testing

Here, the complexities unfold. Twin Flames often endure a period of intense challenges that test their mettle and readiness for ultimate union. It’s a period filled with trials, misunderstandings, and even separations.

Stage Three: Union and Mission

After navigating the tumultuous waters of the testing phase, Twin Flames often arrive at a harmonious union. This doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic one; the ultimate goal is to be in tune with each other on a soul level. Often, Twin Flames also have a shared mission or calling to fulfill.

What Can Block a Twin Flame Relationship?

While the Twin Flame journey promises transformation, it also comes with potential pitfalls. Fear, ego, or preconceived notions of love can all become obstacles. A true Twin Flame relationship demands vulnerability and the dissolution of the ego to flourish.


Being on a Twin Flame journey is like engaging in a soulful ballet, each movement carefully orchestrated for the highest spiritual crescendo. It’s a love story, yes, but one designed to facilitate spiritual growth, self-discovery, and a greater understanding of the universe’s divine nature.

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You’re not just falling in love; you’re falling into your own soul, mirrored through another. And that, dear souls, is the epitome of divine love.

The Dark Side of Twin Flames: A Cautionary Tale

While the concept of Twin Flames is often romanticised as a beautiful union of two souls destined for one another, it’s crucial to examine the notion from all angles, including its potential for toxicity and illusion.

What We Think Twin Flames Are

The idea of Twin Flames has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, often depicted as a kind of divine, destined love that transcends all obstacles. In this paradigm, your Twin Flame is your ultimate mirror, showing you all the light and darkness within you, offering an unparalleled opportunity for personal growth.

A Different Perspective: The Hazards of Twin Flame Belief

Stage One: Illusionary Recognition

The immediate, intense attraction you feel could be a mix of past life memories, karmic vows, and even manipulation by entities with ulterior motives.

Stage Two: Deceptive Testing

While some see challenges as growth opportunities, others argue that these so-called tests are actually manipulations. The emotional rollercoaster is often akin to addictive cycles of highs and lows, fostering dependence and emotional imbalance.

Stage Three: Prolonged Separation Symptoms

In the traditional Twin Flame narrative, periods of separation are inevitable but temporary. But what if this separation becomes a permanent fixture? Symptoms can include chronic loneliness, emotional exhaustion, and a continued sense of incompleteness.

Love Should Be Free and Light

True love, some argue, should be neither possessive nor oppressive. If a relationship leaves you feeling trapped or consistently unhappy, it’s time to question its divine origin. Love should be liberating, bringing out the best in you, not tying you to a cycle of emotional highs and lows.

The Multiple Twin Flame Theory

Another controversial view is that you could have multiple Twin Flames. If the soul’s goal is to experience and grow, why limit itself to one journey, one set of lessons, or even one Twin Flame? Could it be that the soul is capable of multiple incarnations simultaneously to complete a variety of missions?

In Conclusion

While the traditional notion of Twin Flames paints a picture of a singular, all-encompassing, and divine love, alternative perspectives caution against overlooking the darker possibilities. Before you dive headlong into what you think is a Twin Flame relationship, take a step back and assess. If love isn’t making you free, if it isn’t light and uplifting, it’s worth pondering whether it’s love at all.

Of course, this is only a generalisation of the topic. We all know that relationships are more complex than just labelling them as Twin/ not Twin-its karmic/ oh it’s soulmate/And who the hell are you?


This is a very good explanation, especially the part about the dark side. This term is often idealized, but for the most part, these are extremely toxic relationships where everything but love exists. Usually, there are vows from past lives that are tied to a slave/master dynamic, and energy manipulations from entities that want to deceive a person, and most of the time they succeed. An astral being can easily present itself as being “part of your soul,” and by accepting this claim, a person can face severe problems and find it difficult to break free from this bond.

If you also factor in the sexual aspect and the part where entities amplify the false sense of passion and desire in a person… the situation can become terrifying.


If you lack of love, this is where they hit. I had two “Twins”, I guess I can’t call them “twins” anymore :rofl: so I don’t believe in “my other half” if my soul mission is so big, that requires more bodies. Or it’s only my doing the job? :rofl:

I am complete, whole and unique. Honestly, love and relationship with anyone requires mutual effort, mutual respect, and mutual support. If you are happy about yourself, and balanced, know how to give and receive love, then it doesn’t matter what part of which soul from where. Many people have missed the opportunity of great relationships chasing their Twin Flames.


When you use the word ‘chasing’, does it refer to people or to the savanna? :laughing: