Trimming the ol' playlist

Like most people, I suspect, I have a gajillion audios I’m using and would like to cut down to limit my focus and ‘transformational load’. Could someone give this an eyeballing and point out if any fields overlap and can be scrapped, or if something can be replaced by a newer, more effective field not on the list?

Here’s what I have:

Attract Best Job
Bad Bacteria/Fungus/Viruses/Infection (REMOVED)
Balance the Nervous System
Best Version of Yourself
Cortisol Control
Dental Healing
Fast Manifestation
Hair Loss
Quantum Booster
Raise Vibrational State (REMOVED)
Subconscious Matrix Clearing
Super Intelligence (REMOVED)
Supreme Fat Burn Thyroid Boosting Field
Teeth Whitening Frequency (REMOVED)
The Art of Letting Go (REMOVED)
The Beautiful Cloak (REMOVED)
Trauma, Incident, & Limited Belief Clearing
Subconscious v3 (listened to on its own)
Subconscious v4 (listened to on its own)

Just downloaded Christ Consciousness.
And contemplating Pranic Healing.

Thanks for your time.

with those two above you have to listen to them while consciously working with the audios, i think they don’t need to be in a playlist.

Raise Vibrational State, Can be removed from your playlist, as the fast-paced event audio already increases your vibes.


Ah, yeah, I should have been clear that I do listen to those separately and take my time with them, and don’t actually lump them in with the others. It’s just a list of all Maitreya’s fields on my plate right now.

And thank you for the note about Raise Vibrational State. :slight_smile:

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I’m not much help since I have a huge playlist, but I try to stick to one field group, like for me it is mostly fears/traumas/blocks since they kinda feed off each other. Many of mine overlap but I only play my list once per day and don’t do repeats on anything. I would suggest maybe to narrow it down a little bit further to one area. I see you have a lot of body videos, I’d stick to just one area and see if there are any other files associated with it and take it one by one. Like emotions/body/abundance. You may find yourself getting more out of it that way. Also have you noticed any results yet with the list you have?

Not bad idea to throw in the Vibe state here and there. Most of the spiritual tracks do that but my guess is the Vibe state will spike more.


Nothing significant. I’ve been listening for a couple of months, I would say? If not a little more. Probably just need more time.

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If you really want to trim the playlist down, then focus on only what’s most important to you and let go of the rest. What are the big goals or the the things you really, really want - keep those in a daily playlist. Anything else, use when the energy of the day calls for it, as needed.


I hear you!

But also me: they’re all incredibly important, lmao.


Hm… now requesting recommendations in light of this ongoing Easter sale. So I’ve cut down my playlist, but I’m trying to find a single audio or mandala that could maybe replace the function of the Subconscious Matrix Clearing AND Trauma, Incident & Limited Belief audio.

Mind Control seems highly useful because you can cancel bad thoughts (and their roots) right as they come up during the day, but it’s not really for clearing on a bigger scale.

Meanwhile Universal Clearing looks amazing, but a little pricey for me rn because I’m looking at the Fearlessness or Chameleon Mandala, especially for work and family situations.

I’m currently using Spirituality Zone’s Heal All audio, so I wonder if that more or less substitutes Universal Clearing for now. I don’t know - kind of musing aloud here.

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Have you considered using a storage audio or even Filip’s AT? Might help a lot

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Yes, I’ve used the storage one! I like it quite a bit, I just think maybe it’s best for me to focus on as few fields as possible to cut down on the load.

Sorry, but what’s AT?


Oh, interesting! Thanks for sharing. c:

Sorry boss, I take shortcuts when I type. I see it’s already been answered


How’s it going so far?

Ah, I haven’t kept to the massive list above. These days I’ve simply stuck all my audios onto a USB with the Field Emitter and Field Optimizer in play. Kinda let it do its own thing. But when I step out, I keep a separate paper Chameleon, Samurai, and Dragon mandala in my pocket just to better deal with work-related stress and nonsense.

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