Tiger energy

It’s been said that this new year will be the year of the tiger, and that it will bring the energy and motivation to make big changes, I feel like that, as bad as things are, I want to really change, to solve all the problems that I can’t resolve, to overcome my difficulties, to really make 2022 the year of change, maybe the tiger energy is at work? Or is this just something that happens throughout the beginning of the year? What do you think? Anyone else feeling that way?


I think that this year has been so hectic for many with all that’s been going on, there couldn’t be a better choice than the tiger. Whether it’s the tiger’s energy or not, the new year always feels like a fresh restart, like a new save file on a video game, a new chance for opportunities, new paths and doors are bound to open.

With that type of optimism and desire for change, things are bound to happen. (Or I will personally introduce my obstacles to the back of my foot…)

As a dreamer I say lets take on the spirit and ferocity of the tiger, whether one believes his energy is circulating or not, adopting his mindset as the predator of his goals is what we all need right now