How We Work: Changing Feelings

Perhaps due to trauma in childhood or later in life, some people never experience (or lose the
ability to feel) the energy of certain feelings. In order to have feelings such as joy, to love or to
be loved, or what it feels like to be rich, or any other unfamiliar feeling, we must be shown what
these feelings ‘feel’ like by energy work that will help us to recognize them later in our life. This is also the reason why some manifestations fail to materialize – because in order to manifest what we want, a soul mate, wealth, etc., we first have to experience what it feels like to have these things. In other words, we have to believe these possibilities exist in the universe to make it possible for them to manifest in our lives.

In the fields we program the energy with our intent to act in centair ways, depending from the topic we are working it so the change is happening as you are transferring to a new timeline - new you, new yourself (unattaching from the old one so you can jump your limits and yourself). Once this feeling has been experienced in every cell of your body, you will be ready to create life changes in more easier and faster ways.

When this feeling knowledge is downloaded, it creates awareness, understanding, and comprehension and these feelings can have a dramatic effect on your intuitive abilities and create physical wellbeing.


Thank you so much Maitreya for all that you do to help us in experiencing what we haven’t, means a lot to us :hugs::bouquet::heart::pray:

Many many thanks :pray::pray: