How are you feeling now?

It’s a simple question, but it can have such a deep meaning. Tell us how you are feeling today. Maybe it’s not just you. Maybe it’s something global going on, and we all are sad today. Or perhaps today we all are angry with no reason, short-tempered and explosive.

Expressing your feelings in a safe space can help you to vent those emotions. Addressing what you are feeling now is also liberating.


I’m feeling somewhat triggered, but also feeling better because of the revision I’ve been carrying 24/7 bout 3 days now. Also lot of shadow work being done atm, which is good as it releases over decade continuing fears.

I’m also very optimistic about future because of what I will do, people will know my name is what I have been told by my angels and I will be guide for mankind is what my angels communicated to me throgh a channeler. Also some stuff you only see in movies is what I will do. Also just delighted for all the angel numbers that seem to haunt me at this point as there are so many. Manifestations getting very close to fulfilling is the message.

New technologies that are up and coming also excite me, free energy things that are already being worked on, to be able to live a new way of life where one is independant of any electrical company or internet company, there are some of us who are chosen as examples for the rest of the humanity that hey, you don’t have to be a slave or dependant on some corporation, that freedom is our birthright.

So excited all about that. Also maitreyas fields just took things to a whole new level so that’s exciting too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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