Thought on this?

I think this guy’s is not lie in ,just look at he s eyes ,and sometimes I have thought ,about doubt about this spirituals stuff ,they only things I said is that be careful ,i don’t know what to believe anymore

It’s easy to use fear to drive interest and get views on YouTube. That doesn’t mean you should pay it any attention, however.


A lot of spirit guides are archons from the Astral Realm. Simply stating negative facts does not always mean you are instilling fear. It is up to you to fear truth whether that truth is negative or positive. A lot of beings in the Astral Realm are not benevolent. I’m not saying all cannot be trusted though. It’s best to go directly to God for guidance since God is the most trustworthy.

Much of the New Age movement are half truths and lies. There is truth in it though, but there is a lot of deception. Some parts of the New Age movement is connected to Satanism. Do your research and listen to your Intuition/God.

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I think he’s lying…

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