The format of the audio field

Are the energy and intensity effects different with different audio field formats? If I personally convert the original audio to a higher quality music format or DSD, will it improve the effect so that I can feel the energy field better? Or will it destroy the field and render it ineffective? My translation may not be accurate.

if you download audio fields from patreon, gumroad or maitreyastore , then use them as they are, because they are already optimized to give you the best results with the proposed audio format.converting them will decrease their effectiveness

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What is the recommended audio format? I’m very insensitive to energy. I’ve printed out the field integration primer mandala and put it in my pocket for about a month, but I haven’t been sensitive to energy yet. Will Mandala affect its efficacy by being forwarded by others? The actual MB of Mandala I bought is different from the MB shown by Maitreya. My MB is a little smaller.